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DiscoverME - DiscoverME is the first and only personality-based placement service on the Internet. For Candidates (job seekers) -- our service is free, easy, takes less than an hour to register, and you get immediate feedback on your personality. DiscoverME is personality-based, which means people are matched to positions that fit them as a person as well as a professional. How? By comparing their personality profile to those of top performing professionals in Fortune 1000 and related companies. When a successful match is made, both the job seeker and company are notified by email. It's that simple.
Harcourt Learning Direct - We are a global leader in the field of at-home education. For over a century, Harcourt has been helping men and women build better futures through career training. Since 1890, more than 11 million people have enrolled in Harcourt Learning Direct educational programs. Harcourt students train at home in their spare time, learning when and where they choose. There are no on-campus classes to attend, and no need to quit their jobs or change their schedules. Students can graduate from some programs in as little as six months and be prepared to earn more money, gain promotions,advance in their current career or even start a business of their own.
HotJobs - Thousands of jobs available. Is your dream job one of them? Visit HotJobs today and find out.   Read More
Stratford Career Institute Free Career Catalog - From Stratford Career Institute. Click for a totally free catalog that shows how you can train for a new career from your own home!

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