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    PhoneShark is an online phonecard store that sells instant prepaid phone cards given to you right on your computer screen. There's no wait and you can use it immediately to make long distance calls anywhere. Calls can be made directly from your home, a friend's house, at work, at the airport or even with your cell phone.

    Our goal is to offer our customers the lowest possible rates on all their long distance calls. We are different from other Internet phone companies, in which we sell phonecards that makes true phone calls. People use these cards to make phone-to-phone conversations, no pc is required. And unlike other phonecard stores we offer true real-time instant access to purchased phone cards. Combine this with our large selection of quality phonecards and incredibly low rates!

We offer:

low rates Super low domestic and international rates. cheap phone cards !
use instantly Instant on-screen access to phone card pin numbers.
real phone connections Real telephone connections. True phone calls! No computer is required for calls.
discount price Best prices anywhere !
great selection Dozens of brand name discount phone cards to choose from.
call worldwide Cheap calls to just about anywhere in North & South America, Asia, Europe and Australia, including USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Egypt and more !
safe shopping Guaranteed privacy !
quick & easy-to-use Fast, easy and secure ordering.

At Phoneshark, you will get the lowest possible rates on all your long distance calls !

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