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No more shaving, waxing, electrolysis or painful tweezing !

Remove unwanted hair with painless, 100% organic hair removal lotion !

    With Ultra Hair Away - With all the talk about curing baldness, researchers seem to have forgotten the opposite problem - too much body hair. Victoria Body Works is addressing the hairy situation with Ultra Hair Away, a hair removal product that's so successful at getting rid of unwanted body hair, people are calling it baldness in a bottle. Over time it will also change the original dark thick, coarse unwanted hair to softer, smaller, finer, lighter hair which will eventually resemble the hair you once had as a baby. Many women who used to wax their legs every six weeks are now waxing every four to six months. Some men who used to shave once a day are now just shaving once or twice a week.


hair removal Works on women and men, on coarse or fine hair. It is site specific--working only in the specific areas you apply it to. Common areas our customers use it for include back , shoulder, face, arms, chest, forearms, legs, upper lip, abdomen, bikini line and under arms.
removing hair Completely natural. Works by mimicking the process that causes baldness. No side effects !
hair removal Doesn't clog pores. Can be used safely with other beauty or skin products.
removal of hair Natural ingredients, derived from plant enzymes known as Phyto-Enzymatic-Proteins (P-E-P). No added perfumes or coloring agents.
remove leg hair Begins to work in days - complete hair removal in about 4 weeks.
hair removal Complete money-back guarantee -- no questions asked.
laser hair removal ! Secure online ordering.

Removing hair the easy, natural way !

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The best, safest and most economical hair removal procedure available !

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