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    At Allergy Be Gone we sell luxurious hypoallergenic comforter and hypoallergenic bedding products that give you all the loft, warmth, and lightness of goosedown, with none of the animal dander that can trigger allergies. Our comforters are nonallergenic and machine-washable and dryable, so you can rid your comforter of dust mites with frequent hot-water washings. Just like fine down bedding, they're covered in silky, high-thread-count cotton. We also sell a range of hypo-allergenic toys, and bath + beauty products.

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    A whole line of other complementary products and information related to asthma, allergies, and better breathing.
    Soft, warm, and comfortable anti-allergen bedding that allows you to encase your pillows, comforter, mattress and box spring, with an impenetrable membrane that protects you from dust mites and their waste.

    We carry anti-allergen pillows, hypoallergenic bedding, nonallergenic blankets, comforters, pillows and much more !

    Breathe healthier and happier !

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