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Exceptional-quality 5.8" Screen Portable DVD Player at half the price of major brands !

Perfect for the office, showroom, fishing, camping, traveling and much more !

    Audiovox Portable DVD Player - This personal 5.8" screen DVD player from Audiovox abounds with uses. You can use it in the office for a training session, or in the showroom so customers can view your product line or watch a demonstration. And of course, its great for downtime, too--take it fishing, camping, or traveling with the kids, or whenever you need a break! At this discount price, you cant afford not to! It comes with a remote control, a rechargeable Nickel Mercury battery pack, and a cigarette lighter adapter.


personal dvd player Economical, yet fully-featured. Same fidelity as major brands - without having to pay hundreds more for the brand name ! Personal/Portable DVD Player 5.8" Screen
player dvd 5.8" high-resolution color LCD screen. 16:9 format, switchable to 4:3.
dvd player 24 bit/96Khz audio, 10 bit video.
dvd player portable Dolby Virtual Surround (Q-Surround)
portable dvd player Accepts alternate video and stereo audio source via RCA jacks
dvd player discount S-Video input
discount dvd player 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
small dvd player Portable and travels easily.
dvd and player Comes with remote control, rechargeable Nickel Mercury battery pack, and cigarette lighter adapter.
buy personal dvd player Stylish, elegant design.
discount price Secure online shopping !
safe shopping 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or return for replacement or full refund.

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